Customer Orientation
                  Credit Orientation
                  Diligence Orientation
                  Openness and Inclusiveness & Value Creation

                  Devote to be domestic leading and international recognized
                  engineering service provider
                  in special field base on our core competency

                  • Established Hefei Branch, strengthen BOTH's service ability to customers in the central and surrounding areas. Officially launched ERP operation with "SAP" as the core.

                    As a clean GC, undertook the cleanroom GC and HOOK-UP project of Arrey building of the 6G AMOLED flexible production factory.

                  • Launched the enterprise university project and sped up the cultivation of management talents at all levels

                    Started the construction of ERP project and establish the strategic development information platform

                    Launched the “3 in 1”project and improve the construction of engineer culture system

                    As one of the clean GC, undertook cleanroom and HOOK-UP project in a 6G AMOLED line factory at Southwest China.

                    Established Chengdu Branch ,improve the layout of BOTH's main business in Southwest China

                  • Established Shanghai as the headquarters of Food and Pharmaceutical Engineering Division, increased resource investments, determained the market policy of relying on East China and radiating CHINA

                    As one of the clean GC, undertook TB building in a 12 inch integrated circuit construction project in Hefei.

                  • As one of the clean GC, undertook the first domestic 10.5G TFT-LCD project.

                    Projects undertaken (Xi'an Samsung, Chongqing BOE) won “The National Quality Engineering Award” again

                    Undertook the first foreign pharmaceutical EPC project

                    Explored the application of BIM Technology in the whole life cycle of M&E projects at the first attempt

                  • Renamed as "BOTH Engineering Co., Ltd."

                    A joined project won “The National Quality Engineering Award” again.

                  • Many utility model patents and invention patents were approved, and the normalized management mechanism with independent innovation was established accordingly.

                    A joined project won “National 12th Zhan Tianyou Award”.

                    Approved as "The High-tech Enterprise in Jiangsu ".

                    Won the bid to undertake large-scale foreign insulin project, further improved the brand awareness and market influence of BOTH.

                  • Participated in the construction of Samsung's largest investment project in China, and won the "Chang'an Cup" of Shaanxi Province.

                    Undertook first foreign funded“Single-Use”Biopharmaceutical Pilot project in China

                  • With BIM Technology, the first "640 RT modular chiller room" was completely installed on-site within 11 hours in a factory of Guangzhou.

                    As one of the clean GC, undertook the first 8.5G TFT-LCD core process building project

                  • Key qualification was upgraded to "ClassⅠ”in general contracting for M&E installation.

                    Launch the talent training plans including “Diving Dragon Plan" and "Flying Dragon Plan”.

                    A joined project won “National top grade quality Silver Medal”.

                    Awarded "Outstanding Enterprise in Jiangsu Installation Industry Annual Award “and has been awarded the honorary title for many times since then.

                  • Determined the company's brand strategy, locked in the two wings of "electronics, food and pharmaceutical ", and defined 2010 as the "First Year of Brand"

                    Employee communication platform " Employee Forum" (intranet) officially launched

                    Undertook the first 8.5G TFT-LCD project independently designed and built in China

                  • Firstly attempted to apply 3D technology in engineering practice, laid the foundation for BIM capability in the future.

                    Founded the first staff committee, established stable communication channels between top and bottom, and improved the long-term mechanism of caring for employees.

                    Expanded to the field of animal vaccine R & D, production and construction.

                    Undertook the first 6G TFT-LCD project independently designed and built in China.

                  • The first EPC project was completed and handed over

                    Headquarters of BOTH moved to Liyuan Development Zone, Binhu District, Wuxi.

                  • A joined project won the top civil construction engineering award-Luban Award.

                    Expanded to the food factory construction project.

                    Issued the first safety culture manual, emphasizing that safety management starts from culture.

                  • Completed the joint-stock system transformation and renamed as "Jiangsu BOTH Engineering Co., Ltd."

                  • Obtained national M&E installation qualification of classⅠ(professional contracting).

                    Industrial engineering prefabrication and service base located in Shuofang Industrial Park, Wuxi New District, was put into use.

                    Participated in the construction of large-scale and high-level semiconductor purification plant.

                    Shanghai Branch was established, laid a foundation for expanding the market in East China.

                  • Passed OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.

                    The first issue of internal publications (BOTH Vision) was debuted.

                    Stepped into the field of TFT-LCD plant construction.

                  • Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

                    Advanced the values of "customer-oriented, focus on customer needs and achieve customer value", and the importance of occupying the market behind.

                  • Established a corporate culture system including values, norms and Philosophy.

                  • Renamed as "Jiangsu BOTH M&E Engineering Co., Ltd."

                  • Firstly undertook optical fiber plant construction project.

                    Firstly entered the field of pharmaceutical plant construction, main business scope is expanded to the field of pharmaceutical engineering construction.

                  • Stepped into the field of electronic purification engineering

                  • Expanded main business from single air conditioning project to comprehensive M&E installation project

                  • Preliminary establishment of the company's management system, established the corporate culture prototype of "Integrity and Talent, Dedication and Diligence, Unity and Struggle, Seeking truth and Innovation"

                  • Wuxi Hezhong Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. was established

                    Undertook the first industrial M&E installation project, and established the company's main business direction as the industrial engineering field